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Hashify - India’s First Regional Influencer Marketing Platform. Connecting Brands and Influencers.

Why influencer marketing?

When influencers share about services and products, they create an experience for viewers that resonates. Having influencers work on your campaigns is a review and promotion all in one. Finding mutual ground with your audience is crucial to success. This ground is now social media, exactly where influencers thrive. Followers love their content. As a pre-existing consumer, they will listen and engage. Influencer marketing is proving to be effective and affordable than investing into sponsored ads. 

Content is fire; social media is gasoline.

- Jay Baer

What do we do?

Hashify helps brands collaborate with influencers to create curated content, while keeping the creative freedom influencers love. Our expert team produces data-driven market strategies, helping you get higher ROI. We identify the perfect influencers, considering relevant metrics to accelerate your brand objectives.

Big Reputation, Big Conversations.







4T’s we go by! To deliver the best.


To ensure you’re always in the loop, we keep you updated about the latest developments.


We understand influencers on your campaign must be perfect fit. We work with you on it.


Quick turnarounds and fast paced. Because we value your time.


It’s not out of reach. With proper planning, cost per engagement is efficient and effective.

Find the perfect advocate for your brand

Find top influencers across industries to make engaging content for you. With our growing influencer network, brands have access to popular influencers who have their targeted audience.

Alekhya Harika

Jahnavi Dasetty

Ramya Pasupuleti

Harshith Reddy


Divya Sree

Seamless flow to manage campaigns!

Share Goals

Talk to our strategist about campaign goals and we will put together right set of influencers.

Choose influencers

Our strategy team assists you in choosing the ideal brand advocate for your campaign.

Approve content

Influencers do what they do best: Create. Then you review and approve.

Measure KPI’s

Track the progress of the content posted. Our team sends you a performance report.

Trusted by leading brands

We have generated millions of impressions for these brands through innovative formats.

Ready to see how we can impact your business?