What is engagement rate?

Whenever an influencer posts some content on social media network, they receive interaction for the content typically in the form of views,likes, comments or shares. Thus, the amount of interactions an Influencer typically receives on their content posted is called engagement rate. Simply put, it is the percentage of the viewers that responds to the content of an influencer.

Types of engagement

Here are some examples of what are considered engagements (or interactions):

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments

Engagement rate is an important criteria when it comes to choosing influencers for your brand’s promotion. Choosing the right influencer is a key step in influencer marketing.

An influencer’s engagement rate is also used to determine if the marketing campaign is a success or a failure

Success rate of a marketing campaign and engagement rate go hand in hand. Greater the engagement rate for your brand promotions, greater is the success rate. Choosing the right influencers and opting for good social media platforms add to the success rate of your marketing campaign.

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