For more queries, you can always contact us at hello@hashify.co


How do I get started?

That’s exciting! Sign up here and share details of the campaign such as objectives, target audience etc, Our team will review your campaign and upon approval, the campaign will be notified to all the influencers in our network.

I am new to influencer marketing. How do I explore?

That is totally fine! Write to us at  hello@hashify.co and our team will help you understand the process and devise right strategy for your campaign goals.

I am an agency. How does Hashify help me create better campaigns for my clients?

Hashify assists you in designing perfect campaign for your clients. We work with vast number of influencers and suggest you right mix of influencers for each client you work with.

What is the pricing?

Please contact our team for custom quote.

My product caters to niche market. Will I find influencers on Hashify?

We work with all kinds of influencers from food bloggers, fitness enthusiasts to mommy bloggers. Our platform has everything you are looking for.

Is there any minimum budget to start with?

There is no minimum budget to start with. However, depending on the industry the brand operates in, we suggest a decent budget to properly measure ROI.


How do I know if I am an influencer?

If you have the power to influence people, could be in thousands or millions, then you are an influencer.

I am a student, can I sign up on the platform?

Absolutely! There are good number of brands that are keen to collaborate with campus stars like you.

Is it safe to connect my social handles?

Yes, absolutely. We do not change any information available on your profile or post on your behalf. The connection lets us read the data that is mostly publicly available anyway such as likes , shares, comments for a post.

How do I apply to a campaign?

When a brand starts a new campaign, the system sends out a notification to influencers. You will receive communication through sms and email. The details will be appeared in the dashboard. Login to your dashboard, go through the brief and apply for the campaign.

Am I eligible to participate in a campaign if my social handle is not public?

No. The account has to be public to be eligible for the campaigns.

What if I do not get shortlisted for a campaign?

That is okay. We keep working with brands very often and contact you for further campaigns.

Will my content go through approval process before posting it on the social media?

It depends on the requirement of the brand. Few brands prefer to look at the content before going live and few others do not. These details will be clearly mentioned and our team will be in touch with you about the content.

How do I get paid?

Once the campaign is completed, our team will start processing the payment and soon will reflect in your bank account. Depending on the campaign, the processing time might vary.

I work in the category that is not listed on the platform.

That is okay. We are on constant lookout for influencers that work in niche. Please write to us about it and we will add that to our system.