Loco is an app that provides live games throughout the day. This is the one of the applications that provides real money to the players. It has got more than 500000 players who compete live on Loco every single day to win real cash!

Campaign Goal

To motivate people to use the Loco app by briefing about it’s advantages. To let people know that they can earn real cash with ease by just playing games in the app.

Platform: YouTube, Facebook

Target Market: AP & Telangana

What we did

We did a promotion video for Loco with one of our top influencers, Mahathalli. In the video, our creator explains about the game to her mother saying that there’s a quiz game called Loco, in which people can earn money upon providing correct answers to the questions. When her mother expresses doubt about language, she explains that it will not be difficult to play the game as it can be played in different languages as per convenience. Our influencer, her mother and few of her friends play the quiz game in the video. Also, the questions are displayed to the viewers of the video so that they can get a clear picture of how the game works. We did a funny but interesting video where Loco app has been explained in depth to the viewers.





Nikita Jaykumar

Nikita Jaykumar

Branding executive | Blogger | YouTuber