Stayfree is a brand of feminine hygiene products, including maxi pads, ultra thin pads, and female wipes. The brand has been driving educational and adoption initiatives in India through multiple school programs and strong messages in advertisements. Stayfree was the frontrunner in bringing in a full portfolio ranging from the first innovative beltless napkins to high performance night protection napkins for the Indian consumer.

Campaign Goal

To inspire young girls to not pause their dreams even during periods as the brand promises them the protection they deserve to fulfil their dreams.

Platform: Facebook

Target Market: AP & Telangana

What we did

We went through our network of influencers and picked YouTuber Mahathalli, who has an inspiring story to share with young girls and spread the word about Stayfree’s #dreamsofprogress campaign. In the video, Mahathalli shares her journey of becoming most loved YouTuber in Telugu. She talks about how she never stopped chasing dreams despite hurdles on the way and how Stayfree helped her on period days. She urges young girls to pursue their dreams of progress and not hold back even during menstruation.





Nikita Jaykumar

Nikita Jaykumar

Branding executive | Blogger | YouTuber