Trivago is a global hotel search website, where site visitors can compare hotel prices for 1.3 million hotels across 190 countries. It allows users to compare hotel deals and find the best prices quickly and easily.

Campaign Goal

To create awareness about Trivago, it’s features, advantages, and to get push people to use Trivago for all hotel bookings. The main goal was to bust the myth that Trivago was just another booking website and inform the people that it was a website that compare prices and gives the best deals for hotel booking

Platform: YouTube

Target Market: AP & Telangana

What we did

We went through our network of creators and picked three YouTubers Mahathalli, Dhethadi and Pakkinti Kurradu. We picked these three channels keeping in mind their different target audience they cater to and their different styles. Each of the creators made a video in their style where they use Trivago and encourage their users to download and use Trivago

The video went on to hit 2.4 million views in just three weeks of release.




Nikita Jaykumar

Nikita Jaykumar

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