Marketing is the process of selling products and services directly. On the other hand, influencer marketing uses influencers to drive marketing techniques. Influencers are typically the people whose recommendations are taken into consideration by buyers. Instead of you directly promoting a product or service, you pay influencers to communicate the same to the buyers via social media. This increases chances of buyers for your product or service.


Influencer marketing simultaneously makes use of two other forms of marketing: social-media marketing and content marketing. Most influencers use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to spread the word about a brand. People of all age groups use different platforms of social media and hence it is a great means to deliver the message of a brand.



Influencer marketing requires these three sources to be effective:

  • Consumer trust : Influencers are the people who are trusted by buyers and their recommendations are taken into consideration. Thus they must maintain a good rapport with consumers.
  • Original content : Consumers are always attracted to unique and original content. Influencers thus produce original content for a brand, which are often effective.
  • Social reach : Influencers produce original  content and post them on their social channels, blogs and websites, which helps them reach millions of consumers.

When done right, influencer marketing is an asset. It increases the reach and value of a brand when right techniques are used to promote a product or service to the consumers.

Nikita Jaykumar

Nikita Jaykumar

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